Perdido Key's Only Art Gallery and Studio

Artworks Studio & Gallery has been Perdido Key's only art gallery since its opening in 2008. The artists-in-residence represent the finest local artisans on Perdido Key and the surrounding area. Their original works of art have garnered international acclaim and grace the walls of many businesses and residences on Perdido Key and even as far away as Hong Kong. Stop by to see the latest local originals as soon as you get a chance.

Gallery pieces include original oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, pottery, jewelry, photography, woodwork, glass work and more.

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Artworks Studio & Gallery is now open.
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm

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September 2020 Artist of the Month is Wanda Hubbard

Wanda Hubbard is Artist of the Month.
September 2020

Wanda Hubbard was born in Birmingham Alabama and is a self-taught artist. She likes to paint using vivid colors and experiments with new techniques and styles. A constant theme in Wanda’s art is coastal life. She paints and shares her work so others can hopefully find enjoyment in her art.

Layering mediums to create movement and depth is her favorite technique. For her, the most interesting paintings start with an acrylic pour layer. Using the acrylic pour base, she looks for sea life in the paint much like others look for animal shapes in the clouds. She then paints the image that she’s found and enhances the back ground to create an environment. Another favorite technique is alternating resin and acrylic layers when painting. This adds dimension and enhances the key elements on the canvas.

Her goal is to present realistic representations of sea life. Her passion for the brilliant colors was inspired by the painting, "Imperial Zebras" by Tie-Feng Jiang. With Jiang as her inspiration she created her own version of his work and called it "Zebras in Motion".

Throughout the years, art has continued to provide relaxation and joy for Wanda. She is excited to see where the future will lead her and the new art that she will create.

Stop by the gallery to see Wanda's latest additions to the gallery. We hope to see you soon. Be well.

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Artist: Jael Collins Blazquez

Jael Collins Blazquez
Artworks Resident since August 2020.

Jael has been an artist for over 40 years. Moved to Hawaii in 1961 with her husband and three children. There she began her artistic journey. Jael's artistic journey started with ceramics and then oil paintings. She has branched out into many other forms of one-of-a-kind tropical artistic creations. Jael moved to Pensacola in 2014. She is now residing in Perdido Key, Florida where she is bringing her one-of-a-kind tropical artistic style to Artworks Studio & Gallery.

Stop by and check out her colorful and unique 3D creations that embrace the magic and beauty of the coastal community.

We Support Simon Says Bike

Artworks Studio & Gallery proudly supports Andy, Chris and Ken as they raise money for prostate cancer awareness. What you guys are doing will save lives. Thank you and God bless you.

Keep up with the Mull brothers and Ken as they trek from Perdido Key to the shores of Lake Erie with this website:

July 2020 Artist of the Month is Jackie Grear

Jackie Grear is Artist of the Month for July 2020 at Artworks Studio & Gallery. Jackie has been at the gallery as a resident artist for many years now and brings great energy and creativity to the gallery. We are proud to have her as our July Artist of the Month. Meet Jackie in person at the gallery on her "Meet the Artist" days.

Meet July's Artist of the Month
Thursday, July 23, all day 10:00-5:00
Tuesday, July 28, 1:30-5:00

My name is Jaqueline Grear, and I’m so honored to have been chosen as this month’s Artist of the Month. I’m a self-taught painter who first started painting in Southern Illinois in the 1970s. Although I now paint mostly beach landscapes and coastal wildlife, I began my career in art painting canvasses of rural Midwestern scenery. I’ve always been drawn to the beauty I see in nature around me, which is why many of my early paintings depicted the quaint family farms and the gently rolling country sides that I grew up around.

During my time painting in Southern Illinois, my artwork was purchased by several local institutions, including a museum, art gallery, and hospital. My artwork was also bought by then Illinois State Senator Jim Ria, as well as former Illinois U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Paul Simon. I was also recognized with a Best of Show award at an Illinois statewide art exhibition.

Shortly after achieving regional success with my artwork, I took a lengthy hiatus from painting. I founded a small construction business with my family and stayed busy running operations there for more than 25 years. In 2006, I retired and moved south to live on the Gulf Coast. The beauty I found here inspired me to pick up my paintbrush again, and I haven’t been able to put it down since.

I’m so thankful to be able to spend so much of my time now making art. It’s a wonderful way to stay busy, and it’s a hobby I love very much. I’m honored to be recognized as this month’s Artist of the Month, and I hope you will enjoy looking at my collection of paintings at Artworks Studio and Gallery located in the Villagio Town Centre, Perdido Key.

New Hours

We have changed our hours for the summer. Please stop by and visit Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Mondays are by appointment only. Call Talis at (850) 261-9617 for more information or for appointments.


Tuesday - Saturday
10am - 5pm

By Appointment Only
(850) 261-9617


Perdido Key Area Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours

Join us and the Perdido Key Area Chamber of Commerce for it's June Business After Hours Chamber Social on June 17, 2020 (5pm-7pm).

Everyone is welcome to attend whether you are a member of the Perdido Key Area Chamber of Commerce or not.

Learn what the Chamber is working on for its members and the community.

Food & Beverages provided, too.

325ZeroHunger Charity Contributions
Bring food for the hungry. 325ZeroHunger is working with seven (7) elementary and middle schools in our geographic area and will make sure that our food contributions are distributed to those children and families in need in our area.  We encourage our party guests to bring a food contribution for this wonderful charity. The following food items would be greatly appreciated by families this organization serves:  Pasta,Pasta Sauce (in a can, not glass), Rice, Canned Beans, Canned Chicken,Canned Tuna, Chili, Ravioli, Peanut Butter, Cereal, Oatmeal, Grits.

This party at Artworks is one small chance for us to help address local childhood hunger, but it is a HUGE part in the lives of those children. Bring any of the items suggested above as your contribution. Donations will also be accepted. 

Local Artists
This is another great opportunity for the community to meet our local artists in residence at Artworks Studio & Gallery which will be open throughout the event. Purchase a little original art for your walls, postcards to mail to your family and friends, jewelry or gift certificates for those whom you are just not quite sure what to buy them.

Artworks Sidewalk Market

Artworks is bringing a new combination to the Villagio - locally crafted pottery filled with locally grown basil! For all of you home chefs out there, basil is a tasty recipe ingredient that adds flavor and aroma to pasta, fish, chicken and more. Just chop up a few leaves and add them to your dish. Plus, the basil sold at Artworks is grown right here on beautiful Perdido Key; and these live basil plants are potted in hand-made containers made by local Perdido Key artisans. The combination goes two-fold in helping our area artists and horticulturalists. 

We hope to see you there. 

Be well!

Want a great recipe that features basil? Try Basil Pesto.


Basil Pesto is a sauce or dip traditionally served with pasta and chicken, but be sure not to limit yourself to just pasta and chicken. Pork chops and fish go with a creamy basil pesto sauce just as well. Basil Pesto is an excellent addition to many meals; and it is usually made of basil, garlic, nuts, cheeses, olive oil, salt and pepper. Preparation time is very quick and only a little stovetop time is needed. This particular recipe is brought to us by Kevin Clark, Joel Smith and Noah Moseley.

Ingredients for Basil Pesto

  • Fresh Basil Leaves (about 7 stems)
  • 4 Garlic Cloves
  • 1/2 Cup Pine Nuts (or Walnuts)
  • 1/2 Cup Olive Oil
  • 1/4 Cup Lemon Juice
  • 3/4 Cup Grated Cheese (Parmigiano-Reggiano or Pecorino-Romano Cheese)
  • Salt & Pepper


Big Picture

Basil Pesto is so amazingly easy to make and it is subject to your own creativity and preferences. We roast the nuts and garlic in a little bit of olive oil and then pour that over the basil leaves in a food processor and mix in the lemon juice, grated cheese, salt and pepper. You decide how fluid you like the pesto, how spicy, how salty, peppery and how blended. Some people prefer a rough, choppy pesto. Other people prefer a smoothly blended pesto. It all comes down to what you prefer.

Instructions to Make Basil Pesto

  1. Place basil leaves into the food processor.
  2. Lightly roast the pine nuts or walnuts on the top of the stove.
  3. Once the nuts are beginning to brown, add chopped garlic and a little olive oil.
  4. Once the garlic has cooked just slightly, pour the pan ingredients into the food processor over the basil leaves. We think the heat of the olive oil helps slightly cook and tenderize the basil leaves in the food processor.
  5. Add lemon juice.
  6. Pulse until the pesto is blended into a slightly coarse mixture.
  7. Add more olive oil as needed.
  8. Add salt and pepper.
  9. Add grated cheese.


  • Pine nuts can be replaced with pretty much any other type of nut. We've tried walnuts. Those worked very well. Sunflower seeds worked well also.
  • The cheese is any hard style of cheese that is easily grated. Parmesan is an excellent option.
  • Olive oil or extra-virgin olive oil? You pick. Extra-virgin olive oil may make a more bitter pesto if it is over blended in the food processor due to the breakdown of polyphenols. Another option if using extra-virgin olive oil is to food process everything else and then gently stir in the extra-virgin olive oil by hand.

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Artist: June Morrison

June Morrison joined Artworks Studio & Gallery in May 2020. June brings bright and colorful original works of art to the gallery with seascapes, jungle scenes, mermaids and more.

June was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. She married her best friend Doug Morrison and they have one son named Alex. June started drawing and sketching in elementary school. In the 70's the local newspaper, (Pensacola News-Journal) had weekly art contest for children, which she entered and won several times. After high school, June put her talent aside for years. She decided to revisit her artistic side in her early 40's and tried painting for the first time. June loves painting beachy, whimsical things that make people smile! She prefers acrylic paints. Stop by Artworks and check out June's beachy scenes, animals, etc., of Pensacola, on several types of surfaces such as reclaimed wood. June will also do special commission on furniture and pillows.

Contact June directly at

March 2020 Artist of the Month is Kim Brungraber


Who: Local artist potter, Kim Brungraber, is being celebrated during March at Artworks Studio & Gallery. Kim lived mostly in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She excelled in oil painting for years before discovering her love of clay. She owned a consulting business before retiring and throwing herself into the fascinating world of pottery. Throwing pottery on the wheel and hand-building pottery gives her pleasure and tranquility. Kim's inspirations come from her years of oil painting flowers, nature and her love of underwater life during scuba diving in the oceans around the world. She is amazed at the multitude of ways to express herself through pottery which inspires her to try different techniques of glazing, firing pottery, and the functions of different clay bodies. Kim hopes you will enjoy her award-winning pottery and cherish the unique pieces that you may purchase. Kim is a member of the First City Potters Guild and currently in two galleries. Her working studio is currently at her home.

When: Meet Kim Tuesday, March 17th and Wednesday, March 26th from 1:30 p.m. to 5 PM. 100% of sales on these dates will be donated to St Jude's Children's Hospital.

Where: Artworks Studio & Gallery at Villagio on Perdido Key. 13700 Perdido Key Dr. 
Contact Talis for information (850) 261-9617.

Evening Art Classes by Talis Jayme

For any and all aspiring artists and friends, Artworks is offering evening art classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings led by our very own Talis Jayme. These classes are open to anyone of any skill level. You are only limited by your imagination.

When: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays (5pm-7pm)

Instructor: Talis Jayme

Call (850) 261-9617 for details and reservations.

All art materials are provided.

Customers are allowed to bring non-alcoholic beverages and snacks.

Welcome to Perdido Key!

Sweetheart Evening Art Class February 12, 2020

For any and all aspiring artists and sweethearts, Talis Jayme is offering a Sweethearts Evening Art Class on February 12th.   This class is open to anyone of any skill level. You are only limited by your imagination.

When: February 12, 2020 (5:00pm-7:30pm)

Instructor: Talis Jayme

Call (850) 261-9617 for details and reservations.

All art materials are provided.

Customers are allowed to bring non-alcoholic beverages and snacks.

Evening of Grace

Years ago, Spirit created and gave to me the opportunity to share an EVENING OF GRACE (EOG) with others.

An EOG is a wonderful, intimate event that brings us together to share in the exploration and experience of how and when we are able to hold Grace, and when we are not.

Grace is defined as our ability to stay in non-judgement of situations, of others and of ourselves.

As we come together and put our attention on Grace we bring that energy into our local and global world. Through the Oneness that is, the work we do for us, we do for all.

As we are energy in form, I will share a teaching on Grace, and then lead us through a discussion where we share our stories and how and when we are able to hold ourselves and others in non-judgement, and when we are not. We then explore where we are on our own Grace list.

We close with a guided Kabbalistic meditation that will provide you and your community with the experience of your own Grace.

FEBRUARY 18, 2020
5:30 PM

Hungry Hearts Event February 2020

Artworks is hosting its 2nd Annual Hungry Hearts Event for 325zeroHunger. Bring food donations for our hungry children in our 3250* zip codes.

WHEN:    February 9, 2020
TIME:      1:00pm-4:00pm
WHERE:  13700 Perdido Key Drive

Talis Jayme is offering a 20% discount on her artwork if you bring a nonperishable food item. Discount is available on purchases of Talis Jayme artwork of $25 or more. 

325 Zero Hunger nonprofit mission is to end childhood hunger in the 32506 and 32507 zip codes of Escambia County.

“Over 60 percent of Escambia County public school students, roughly 24,000 children, rely on the school system for at least two free or reduced price meals a day during the school year. Approximately 1,500 to 2,000 of the 24,000 eligible students will receive meals during a part of the summer provided through the USDA programs. The remaining 22,000 are left to make other arrangements.”

325ZeroHunger is working with seven (7) elementary and middle schools in our geographic area and will make sure that our food contributions are distributed to those children and families in need in our area. We encourage you to bring several food contributions for this wonderful charity. The following food items would be greatly appreciated by families this organization serves: Pasta, Pasta Sauce (in a can, not glass), Rice, Canned Beans, Canned Chicken, Canned Tuna, Chili, Ravioli, Peanut Butter, Cereal, Oatmeal, Grits.

Children art activities will be available throughout the day!!

Artist of the Month February 2020: Talis Jayme

Talis Jayme has made her home here on Perdido Key and claims that "One can't help but be inspired by paradise. The beauty is breath taking and leaves one in awe." While focusing on watercolor and acrylic, Talis also has plenty of pastels, limited edition prints and note cards - just to mention a few. Having studied with such nationally recognized artists as Edgar Whitney, Talis' works have gained the respect of a wide audience and has works hanging in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and abroad. Join her on February 15th for her "Meet the Artist". Meeting Talis in person is most definitely a charming experience.

Meet the Artist of the Month
Talis Jayme
When:  February 15, 2020
Time:  1:30-5:00pm

Receive 20% discount on Talis Jayme artwork over $25.00.


Award winning author M.M. LeBlanc will sign and read from her book, “Paradise Stolen”, the third and final volume of an historical fiction series "Evangeline, the True Story of the Cajuns" on Sunday, February 2, 2020 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Artworks Studio & Gallery at Villagio Town Centre, 13700 Perdido Key Drive, on Perdido Key.  For more details contact Talis at 850-261-9617.

Winner of 6 book awards, this final volume in the thrilling saga of betrayal, intrigue, loss and hope, tells of the journey of the French Acadians and star-crossed lovers Evangeline and Gabriel.  It follows them from France to Acadia/Nova Scotia and to their exile throughout the Colonies, Europe and the Caribbean, ultimately reuniting in Louisiana.

Separated and scattered to the winds in 1755, the lives and fates of ten families intertwine from King Louis XV and nobles to commoners in the exciting conclusion telling the true story of the Acadians, the ancestors of the Cajuns.

This book is based on the true story of the author's ancestors, including RenĂ© Le Blanc, featured in the famous poem ‘Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie’ by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

M. M. Le Blanc is a multi-award-winning author of sixteen books of fiction and non-fiction and numerous award-winning screenplays. Her trilogy Evangeline: Paradise Stolen has won six book awards and was selected as an Official Gift Selection for VIP filmmakers at the Sundance International Film Festival. Her film, Cajun Renaissance Man, was an Official Selection at international film festivals in Cannes, Montreal, New York, New Orleans, Chicago and many others, and won the “Audience Favorite Film” Award. Le Blanc is a frequent speaker at historical and genealogical conferences as well as film festivals from Cannes to China. 

Le Blanc was selected one of the “Top Ten Working Women in America,” and was awarded an international Writing Fellowship from the Fondation d’Art Paris-New York and is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.