Evening of Grace

Years ago, Spirit created and gave to me the opportunity to share an EVENING OF GRACE (EOG) with others.

An EOG is a wonderful, intimate event that brings us together to share in the exploration and experience of how and when we are able to hold Grace, and when we are not.

Grace is defined as our ability to stay in non-judgement of situations, of others and of ourselves.

As we come together and put our attention on Grace we bring that energy into our local and global world. Through the Oneness that is, the work we do for us, we do for all.

As we are energy in form, I will share a teaching on Grace, and then lead us through a discussion where we share our stories and how and when we are able to hold ourselves and others in non-judgement, and when we are not. We then explore where we are on our own Grace list.

We close with a guided Kabbalistic meditation that will provide you and your community with the experience of your own Grace.

FEBRUARY 18, 2020
5:30 PM