Artworks at the Villagio is Closing

02/18/2021 QUICK UPDATE: We are moving, not closing. More details here

Our little gallery on Perdido Key is closing soon. Since opening our doors in 2007 at the Villagio, we have enjoyed countless visits from local friends and family and fans. We have welcomed new artists throughout the years, had book signings, hosted Frank Brown songwriters, donated to Toys for Tots and 325 Zero Hunger, reveled at cheerful Christmas parties with barrels of laughter at dirty Santa steals, taught art lessons to young and old, weathered hurricanes and oil spills and pandemics... but most of all, we have been here with all of you. Just being here as a part of this wonderful community with our little piece of the beach has been the most rewarding part of all these years. Thank you all so very much for letting us share these many years with you. While we have not found a new location, we are looking and will let you know as soon as we find one. Until then, keep us in your prayers as you are in ours; and 
come by and see us and enjoy the amazing works of our artists while we are here. May angels watch over you.

~From Talis Jayme and all the artists at the gallery.

The last open day for the gallery is February 13, 2021.

We will have sidewalk sales on Jan 30th, Feb 6th and Feb 13th.

A lot of people have asked why we are closing. To be clear, this is not related to covid or the economy. We have leased our gallery unit all these years; but the unit is being bought and the purchaser is going to occupy the unit themselves and not lease it out. Thus, we have to relocate and retail lease options on Perdido Key are limited. If you know of a place or want to invest and build us a place, let us know. We are looking. Love you all. 

We've taken hundreds of photos over the years. Follow this link to browse through them. You're probably in a few of them. At the bottom of every page, click the 'Older Posts' link to go to the next page.  Artworks Studio & Gallery: Photos (

And here is a link to a slideshow of even more photos:

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