October 2020 Artist of the Month is Wanda Hubbard

Wanda Hubbard is Artist of the Month.
October 2020

Wanda Hubbard was born in Birmingham Alabama and is a self-taught artist. She likes to paint using vivid colors and experiments with new techniques and styles. A constant theme in Wanda’s art is coastal life. She paints and shares her work so others can hopefully find enjoyment in her art.

Layering mediums to create movement and depth is her favorite technique. For her, the most interesting paintings start with an acrylic pour layer. Using the acrylic pour base, she looks for sea life in the paint much like others look for animal shapes in the clouds. She then paints the image that she’s found and enhances the back ground to create an environment. Another favorite technique is alternating resin and acrylic layers when painting. This adds dimension and enhances the key elements on the canvas.

Her goal is to present realistic representations of sea life. Her passion for the brilliant colors was inspired by the painting, "Imperial Zebras" by Tie-Feng Jiang. With Jiang as her inspiration she created her own version of his work and called it "Zebras in Motion".

Throughout the years, art has continued to provide relaxation and joy for Wanda. She is excited to see where the future will lead her and the new art that she will create.

Stop by the gallery to see Wanda's latest additions to the gallery. We hope to see you soon. Be well.

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